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Speculative application

eTec has a wide range of successful projects on the level of managing director, CEO, COO and CTO in medium-sized companies.

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Speculative application

Transformation in medium-sized businesses

The word “transformation” is greatly overused these days, especially with regards to family-run, medium-sized businesses. The reality is that success is, at the end of the day, down to personalities and leaders who are able to explain and implement necessary changes.

For an international medium-sized business in the field of electronics and electromechanics, based in Franconia, Germany, with approximately 2000 employees worldwide, we have recently successfully filled a key position working just below the most senior management.

Our assignment: To find a dynamic and skilled candidate, capable of reorientating the company in market-related areas, well-versed in the areas of professionalisation and internationalisation of products and the sector, as well as one who would thrive in industry management and consistently aligning the portfolio with strategic growth areas.

Thanks to our wide network of contacts, cultivated over more than three decades of consulting across numerous industries, we were quickly able to present four excellent candidates. The chosen candidate had not only the requisite skills and experience with strategy, and product and change management. What set him apart from his peers was his personality. His ability to be “down-to-earth”, to be a beacon of positive thinking, and to lead by example.

Which kind of leaders do you need for your company’s transformation?