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eTec has a wide range of successful projects on the level of managing director, CEO, COO and CTO in medium-sized companies.

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Executive Search in Asian - China, Southeast Asia and Middle East

Even now, countries such as China, Japan, India and South Korea are amongst the leading global economies.

We have been active in Asia for 25 years: both in the "emerging markets" of South East Asia such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam or the Philippines, and in the specialized markets of e. g. Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Furthermore, we are very well-connected in the Middle East region and Turkey.


In some regions such as India, we have successfully cooperated with local partner companies for parts of the assignments.

Japan and Korea are particularly challenging markets. Unless you are familiar with the special cultural characteristics and have an extensive network at your disposal, it is an enormous challenge to attract good local managers' interest in leading a German subsidiary. For more than 20 years, etec has been able to successfully complete numerous projects in these difficult markets.

Current topics from the region

In the current climate in which the value of globalisation is questioned and isolationism is on the rise, it is important to remain vigilant and act wisely. A future without international trade and intercultural relationships is a bleak one. It is therefore advisable for SMEs to increase their investment in internationalisation – and consequentially their ability to meet new supply chain challenges.

How is your business positioned in relation to India? It is one of Asia’s strongest economies with a rapid growth forecast. India has robust economic fundamentals and a stable political system in place. As the world’s most populous democracy, India has a huge demand for goods and services across a wide range of industries, not to mention a large and talented labour pool.

For twenty years Etec has supported our SME clients in India. Using our exceptional network of contacts, we have placed numerous managing directors in both sales and manufacturing companies. We have also been able to attract candidates at a managerial level in the fields of technology as well as research and development for our German clients with operations in India.

Are you looking to set up a company in India? Are you searching for a successor for your Indian managing director? Do you need a highly qualified and experienced plant manager for your Indian production? You’ve come to the right place! Feel free to approach us and take advantage of decades of experience and wide-ranging network of contacts. As the Buddha says, “There is only one time when it is essential to awaken. That time is now.”

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