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Medium-sized businesses are urgently looking for Supply Chain Manager

To be competitive, a medium sized business requires a modern and productive supply chain management (SCM). The post-pandemic era in particular presents many challenges for our customers. The volatility of demand requires flexible SCM strategies and processes to react appropriately to the fluctuation in incoming orders. To minimize costs and provide the availability of needed goods, inventory management is essential. At the moment, there are a variety of external factors influencing the supply chains: natural disasters, political instability, trade disputes and wars. The supply chain m

Managing these challenges successfully requires a well thought through SCM-strategy, which is tailored to meet the company’s goals. This includes using progressive technology (e.g. AI and big data) and effective communication within the supply chain. However, companies must invest in technology, training, and data infrastructure to integrate AI into their supply chain management. Investing can increase the efficiency and competitiveness of a company’s supply chain.

A good supply chain manager excels through highly professional knowledge in SCM including experiences in inventory management, logistics, transport, demand forecasts, relationships with suppliers and risk management. On top of that some personal characteristics are essential.  They need excellent analytical abilities and should possess expertise in utilizing data analysis tools and technologies. Problem-solving skills are also vital for effectively dealing with unforeseeable issues in the supply chain. Good communication skills are important, too, since the supply chain manager needs to communicate complex matters effectively with internal teams, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. Additionally, an optimal supply chain manager would be cost-conscious, possess technology expertise (including AI, IoT, and big data), and a comprehension of the global influencing factors that impact supply chains.

On top of all that, he must be customer-oriented because the supply chain manager and his team need to contribute to delivery reliability. An excellent supply chain manager combines all these skills and qualities to create and manage an agile, cost-efficient and customer-oriented supply chain, which helps achieving the company’s goals.

In the recent past, etec has frequently succeeded in filling positions in supply management, logistics and operations management. Our customers use the active networks we have in these areas to their advantage. How is your national and global SCM positioned? Feel free to contact us.