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Speculative application

Female Leadership and beyond…

“We would greatly appreciate it if you could also suggest some female executives for the open position!” Lately, we have been consistently receiving statements like this from company owners, managing directors, and HR employees. In recent years, leadership styles and our understanding of leadership have undergone significant changes. Today, some of the most sought-after qualities in executives are agility, cooperation and empathy.

etec Consult has established and maintained an expansive network of highly accomplished female executives, who excel in industry sectors such as automating, electrotechnology, automotive and mechanical engineering. 

The style of leadership, however, is more about a certain mindset rather than biology. 

Some of the important qualities of a holistic, modern and forward-looking leadership style include a respectful and appreciative way of interaction, empathy, collegiality and the promotion of a culture of failure. 

These qualities are the outcomes of self-reflection, the ability to “listen to understand” as well as comprehensive training amongst other aspects.

At any rate, the visibility of women at executive levels of medium-sized companies needs to increase. If this happened, we might be able to shift the focus from "female leadership" to "human leadership" or "mindful leadership."

What is the percentage of women working at the first and second executive levels in your company…?

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