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South Korea: An eTec Success Story

A Korean proverb says: "Beginning is half the way!".

A Korean proverb says: "Beginning is half the way!" We took this to heart when we received our first mandate for Korea in the early 2000s. A bold step, which turned out to be a success. We achieved to find a managing director for a German global player in the electrical engineering industry. This Managing Director is a profound expert for Asia and was able to increase the subsidiary's turnover tenfold over the course of the 14 years he held this position. To this day, this manager is one of our many "eTEc friends" and informers in South Korea! Since then, we have been active on the Korean market for German clients almost every year, so that our local network has grown considerably in size. Our current search for a managing director Korea has shown us again how many German, market-leading companies in our target industries automation, electrical engineering and process industry are only represented by e.g. local dealers. To others, the transformation of the automotive industry that is also taking place in Korea poses a massive challenge requiring new distribution concepts tailored to the future markets. Then again, the electronic, biotech and semiconductor segments offer huge chances as shown by large investments into new plants by e.g. Samsung. Korea remains the global leader regarding the level of automation by robotics, continuing to offer German companies long-term attractive market conditions. Are you currently well positioned in Korea regarding these challenges and chances? We are familiar with the current market situation, the relevant players in the individual market segments and the latest salary levels for first-level managers. Get in touch! Because beginning is half the way...