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Speculative application

Viva o Brasil!

Brazil remains a key area of interest! In 2022 the Brazilian economy grew at a surprisingly strong rate. Increased exports, in the food sector among a number of others, as well as stabilising political developments are contributing to a more positive outlook. There are increasing opportunities in agricultural technology, and for investments in digitalisation and automation of production technologies.

However, Brazil still has structural weaknesses and faces the issue of the continuously volatile currency, the real.

With the right people, problems often mean opportunities, this is especially true for Brazil!

The “locals” we have recommended for executive positions in Brazil, are people epitomise the redefining of problems into opportunities. Our employees in Executive Search who speak fluent Portuguese strengthen our ability to find the right “local” candidates.

The positive outlook for Brazil creates new marketplace and investment opportunities for German SMEs looking to do business there. The online platform serves the MRO market as a kind of “Amazon for industry” and is open to new business partners. If you are interested in partnering with them, we would be happy to put you in touch with their managing director in Brazil, Fernando Belmonte.