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eTec has a wide range of successful projects on the level of managing director, CEO, COO and CTO in medium-sized companies.

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Speculative application

“Costs are safer than proceeds” – Finance & Controlling in uncertain times

Finance & Controlling Managers play a key role in medium-sized businesses. Not only are they responsible for maintaining an appropriate capital structure, but they also play a crucial role in predicting and budgeting to support achieving the company’s goals. At the same time they identify risks and opportunities and contribute in keeping the company financially stable and successful. Those are the responsibilities of Finance & Controlling Managers.

However, it is just as important for a Finance & Controlling Manager to possess certain personality traits. Strong analytical abilities and an attention to detail are indispensable for interpreting data and information, recognizing trends and patterns and identifying problems.

The communication skills need to be equally outstanding, because he/she needs to present complex financial information and concepts in a comprehensive manner. After all, integrity and proactive thinking are core characteristics of this role.

Whether it's roles such as Head of Subsidiary Controlling or Head of Finance & Controlling in operational management, Business Manager in strategic management, or even Commercial and CFO positions, etec has longstanding experience in recruiting managers for Finance & Controlling departments.

Thanks to plenty of successful projects in this field, we have built an extensive network. Feel free to contact us and we will gladly advise you.

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