International Competence in the CIS States

German medium-sized companies are increasingly recognizing the market potential of the CIS countries. They benefit from eTec’s expertise in the Eastern European market.


The CIS countries: attractive markets in the shade of Russia.

The CIS countries are still an interesting area of growth for the German Mittelstand (medium-sized businesses), because in the "lee" of Russia , countries like Ukraine , Belarus , Georgia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan have developed rapidly in recent years. The strategic location of these countries as a "bridge" between Europe and Asia, and the surge in oil & gas market is also boosting other industries. An early investment in these markets ensures market potential and opens up opportunities for growth.

After the crisis the Eastern European market, in particular the CIS, is more attractive than ever. The growing liquidity of Eastern European companies results in a clear upward trend for foreign trade. The German economy achieved a record year in Russia and the CIS. The export business with these countries is currently growing tremendously. This also applies to the Central Asian states with their high oil and gas deposits.

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