Why eTec Recruitment?

Speculative application

eTec has a wide range of successful projects on the level of managing director, CEO, COO and CTO in medium-sized companies.

If you can't find an interesting vacancy in our job board, please contact us and arrange your personal consultation.

Speculative application

Career opportunities through job changes: job offers for executives

If you are considering a change leading you beyond your current environment, please get in touch with us. Even without a defined search mandate, it will be our pleasure to work with you and discuss your career aspirations.


We follow a long-term strategy in our dialog with you.

Thanks to many years' experience in executive research, our familiarity with markets and our excellent international network in our target industries, it is likely that we can offer crucial support to you in the development of your future career - be it today or tomorrow.

We value candid feedback!

It is one of our principles to only contact you when we believe that a search mandate possibly matches your career aspirations. We provide you with extensive information on the client's requirements and accompany you throughout the possibly ensuing process.

Candid feedback is one of our cornerstones and we wish to keep in touch with you. Any information you submit, we treat confidentially and according to data protection regulations.

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