Speculative application

eTec has a wide range of successful projects on the level of managing director, CEO, COO and CTO in medium-sized companies.

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Speculative application

5C model of personnel consulting

Right from the beginning, eTec Consult put great emphasis on its own Executive Research. Over the course of many years, we have developed and continuously improved our unique, integrated search approach.

This approach is systematic and focused on dialog.

Our 5C concept is based on five cornerstones:

  • Centered:

We specialize in and focus on defined industries, technologies & trends which are of high relevance to our clients – now and in the future. We precisely target markets and regions offering international growth potential. We expand networks and trust in reliable contacts to candidates and potentials, whose expertise will be needed by our clients in future. We are focused and goal driven.

  • Cross-linked:

Within these guard rails, we have developed a versatile toolbox which is applied in the search and cooperation process as determined by the goal and needs of our client. We keep on growing our network, which means that even today we are in contact with those people our clients are going to need tomorrow.

  • Connected:

Proficient initial contact and the sustained deepening of the conversations are of the utmost importance to us. Our relationships are to be professional, emphatic and based on both parties being on equal terms. We understand that we are our clients' representatives in the personnel market and look at each conversation from a perspective of integration and long-term planning. We want the "candidate journey" to be perceived positively, as has been our aspiration and objective right from the start.

  • Cognizant:

We identify the right contacts within the market and present you with a shortlist. Moreover, we think ahead! A search process provides us with valuable insights into the respective market – we get to the heart of these insights, systematize them, and make them available to you. This enables us to also successfully complete challenging search processes – together with you.

  • Cooperative:

Our cooperation with the candidates does not come to an end when the project is completed – on the contrary, this is usually just the beginning. eTec Consult is founded on long-term contact and continuous conversation. We provide support in the career development of many potentials – sometimes over the course of decades.